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HSTE President - Dr. Mike Travis - 2014 Year in Review

Aloha, all HSTE Members!  It is hard to believe that 2014 is over and we have started another year.  I had a wonderful time as the HSTE President and our board has accomplished many of the goals I set last year.  One of main goals for the year was finding ways to connect HSTE members to network, collaborate, and share knowledge.  We have succeeded in finding many was to connect all members from this website, which has so much information for our members and for upcoming events.  We also had wonderful events throughout the year from Meet and Greet events here on Oahu and on neighbor islands as well.  The Meet and Greet event at ISTE in Atlanta was an incredible event connecting members from our Hawai'i group with Alaska members as well.  Some of the events I will remember the most:

  • The incredible work that Lisa and Jessica are doing in Kaua'i with generous donations allowing them to have meetings, seminars, and the ability to send more educators from Kaua'i to ISTE and the Schools of the Future events.  You can read more about the grant and opportunities for Kaua'i educators here.

  • My trip to the Alaska Conference in February.   The weather was cold, but invigorating!   I had so much fun getting to know the board members for from the Alaska ISTE affiliate and sharing success stories as well as struggles.  If you ever want to attend another wonderful conference, please check out their site - ASTE 2015 Conference.

  • In May, I had the opportunity to speak at the Hawai'i Library Association meeting in the new 'Iolani Sullivan Center.  Not only was it my first visit to the center, it was a great opportunity to work on another of my goals which is to connect HSTE with other professional organizations around the state.  You can read more about this here.

  • A trip to Atlanta to meet so many wonderful educators from around the world.  The 2014 ISTE Conference was attended by more than 14,000 participants and over 5,000 vendors!  It was a whirlwind tour, but I loved spending the first day meeting other affiliate leaders and learning new strategies to help make our own HSTE organization more successful.  This event was capped off by the wonderful Meet and Greet that HSTE and ASTE co-hosted.  The appetizers were excellent and the conversations even better!  If you are headed to ISTE in Philly in June, please make sure to join us for this event which has become a tradition. (Pictured - Mike in the middle between Nathaniel, an educator from Kaua'i and Jessica, the Program Manager for the Hale Uluwehi Charitable Fund.)

  • Finally, HSTE has worked hard to promote what I have named "Education Week Hawai'i".  This week of educational opportunities continues to grow and connect teachers, administrators, staff, and many others to talk about learning.  HSTE's Second Annual Hawai'i Education Leadership Summit (HELS) was attended by more than 16 schools from around the islands from private, public, parochial, and charter schools connecting administrators and help teams from each school to set goals for the future around online resources to support learning.  The 6th Annual Schools of the Future Conference continues to grow and HSTE is happy to be a supporting partner in helping improve this event.  This year, new ideas came to fruition with HSTE providing a bookstore of educational books, a much improved vendor/exhibitor area to connect educators with the latest technologies, and an early childhood educational playground.  Finally, EdCampHI was another successful venture into the "unconference" idea where the topics are decided by the attendees at the moment!   Look for more details coming soon on this week of events for next year.  The SOTF Conference planning committee already has some exciting ideas for 2015!  (Pictured - Jane McGonigal at her book signing, along with HSTE current, future and past presidents - Mike, Elizabeth, Mark, and Brett.)
HSTE now has more than 1,900 members and is a driving force for educational technology around the islands!  What will 2015 hold for this organization and for our members?  Only time will tell, but I am excited for the future!   I want to thank all the board members and members for their support throughout the year.  It was a challenging one, but certainly exciting.

I want to welcome Elizabeth Garrison as the 2015 HSTE President.  Elizabeth has been on the board for many years and has served as the HSTE Secretary and last year she was the HSTE Vice President.   I look forward to hearing her ideas for how we can continue to grow and connect our members for learning!

Thank you everyone and have a wonderful holidays!

Dr. Mike Travis
2014 HSTE President

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