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HSTE President Keynote at HLA

First of all, I want to thank Hawaii Library Association (HLA) for hosting me at the wonderful event.  The theme was "Innovation", so I was prepared to share some "out-of-the-box" ideas for libraries in the future.  I was telling some of the librarians at the event about my own experiences with books and libraries.  I spent some time working in a library when I was attending UNLV.   While it was only a semester, it was a wonderful opportunity to interact with books (shelving) and helping my fellow students to find the sections they were looking for.  Not to date myself, but this was at a time when computers weren't common and students still used a card catalog to find what they needed.   Generally, though, since I spent so much time shelving, I would just take the students to the section they needed.  I am also addicted to audiobooks and listen to them everywhere.  After training and running six marathons, audiobooks are what help me pass the time.

I was literally blown away by Iolani's Sullivan Center.  It is a unique learning center and is a foreshadow to the way education will be changing in the next few decades.  I love the idea of having spaces like a working science lab and "maker" center where students can come and explore their passions outside of regular classes.   I was proud of my own school, Assets, when we got our first 3D printer this year, but the Sullivan Center has three sitting right in a row ready for student's creativity! Plus, the crazy, interactive elevator was an experience as well.  The instructors were happy to share their vision for the space and how it is being used.

My goals for my keynote were two-fold:  1) to share my own ideas of where libraries should go in the future along the "Innovation" theme of the conference, and 2) to let HLA members know that HSTE is looking to create a partnership with all non-profit educational and technology organizations in the state of Hawaii for sharing and collaboration.  I think I succeeded in both fronts. 

As part of my preparation for the talk, I visited a library recently and noticed a few things:
  1. The librarians are still as helpful and caring as they were when I was a child.  That hasn't changed and probably never will!
  2. The library looks very similar to what it did when I was a child, the only big difference is card catalogs have been replaced by computer terminals.  This is sort of disappointing.
  3. Access to digital formats and audiobooks is quite limited.  Trying the Hawaii online library, I was unable to find any of the audio or digital books I wanted.  Divergent was on a wait list of more than 190 names for only 11 digital copies in the whole state, and they didn't have an digital audiobook I could check out.  Because of my own learning challenges, I depend on my computer and digital access for everything, so this was disheartening.
  4. There are some great, free tools out there that could help libraries "bring books to life" for the digital generation of students and I was excited to see that librarians at the meeting were open to my ideas!
Below are a couple of pictures of me during the keynote presentation.

Here, I am showing the teachers an app I learned about at ASTE in February.  It is called "Aurisma" and it allows users to create "auras" that link pictures to videos, animations, webpages, or whatever.  The best part of it is that libraries could create these auras so that when students come to the library, the books can literally "come to life" to excite them to read by just rolling over the cover with an iPad or iPhone!

I want to thank Ryan Ozawa for taking these pictures of me during my presentation.  I always seem to forget to ask someone to take pictures of me presenting and it is nice to have some pictures of me "in action".  Ryan's presentation was wonderful as well as he shared the innovations taking place in small businesses around the islands.

I have shared my presentation here, if you are interested.

To learn more about HLA and join, please click here.

Thank you again, HLA!

-Mike Travis, HSTE President (2014)

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