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Elizabeth Garrison 2015 Welcome Message

Welcome existing and new members of The Hawaii Society for Technology in Education. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the fifth HSTE President. The past presidents have done an amazing job in growing our affiliate into a professional learning community that serves the needs of all educators and administrators beyond the computer lab here in Hawaii. Phil Bossert, Mark Hines, Brett Tanaka, and Mike Travis have been instrumental in laying the foundation for a base of almost 2000 members in such a short amount of time.

As president I will continue the goals of my predecessors and take on new opportunities that support the HSTE mission, which is providing a professional organization for educators and educational leaders focusing on the effective use and integration of technology. We have an incredibly talented board all with unique skills and expertise so I am confident that this team can meet the needs of our organization.

Integrating technology into classrooms is no longer an option but a necessity in order for our students to be college and career ready. Since moving to Hawaii five years ago I have seen rapid change in the classroom that can be exciting but also challenging. Here at HSTE we want to provide opportunities for educators to be introduced and trained in best practices relating to technology integration in order to make this transformation successful for all students. We continue to offer avenues like the HSTE website where you can find the most up to date information on events such as webinars and conferences. In addition you can see us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ connections allowing you to connect on any of of the social networks you prefer. We hope to see you at the many events HSTE participates in or sponsors such as the ISTE Conference 2015 in Philadelphia or Tech Week 2015 when HSTE hosts the Hawaii Education Leadership Summit, Schools of the Future Conference, and EdCamp, as well as online at EdTech Mixed Plate. Finally, stay tuned for this year’s meet and greet dates usually scheduled once a quarter. These are informal gatherings where we meet after work, share some pupus, and talk tech. I look forward to a great year and thank you for this opportunity.


Elizabeth Garrison

2015 HSTE President

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