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Mark's Final Thoughts

It is about the Journey…

If there is anything I have learned and embraced in the past 7 years it is that the process matters more than the product and that the journey is more powerful than the destination. This has been true for me as my own professional work moved from Technology Director to Academic Head of our Mid-Pacific eXploratory (MPX) program. In that time, we at HSTE, have moved from dreaming of a statewide effort in deeper learning into a series of conferences, meet ups and professional conversations that connect educators and build consensus about the future of education. 

When I look back at the ISTE conference in Denver in 2010, we found the energy and need to bring back a local affiliate in Hawaii to help extend the efforts we had committed to with the “Schools of the Future” grant initiative and its associated conference. We have built an organization that has thousands of members and the potential to truly be part of the educational transformation we are seeing happening in public, charter and independent schools around the state. In that time, we have moved from technology as an end to technology as a means to an end. We have added important ideas like school culture, social emotional learning and global awareness. We have seen and supported the evolution in maker spaces, online resources and alternative realities. Most importantly, we have recognized that teachers and students need to embrace a mode of life-long learning that few of us entering education a generation ago fully understood or imagined. We see schools and learning now as not outcomes and products, but as an ongoing development and we see the role technology has to connect and build communities of learners. 

We aren’t sure WHAT the future holds, but we do know that shaping future “school’s” role has never been more important. That means HSTE has an important role to play to build the resources, connect the communities and engender a conversation that will make powerful learning possible for every learner in Hawaii.

I am proud of the work our HSTE board and members have added to this important movement and am excited to stay connected to this work and play with our current and future boards. 

We continue the journey together!

Mark Hines (2012 HSTE President)

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